Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members 2015

The Boone Center for the Family's Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in supporting the Center. The Advisory Board is composed of professionals in the field and people passionate about strengthening the family. Through advice and financial support from the Advisory Board, the Boone Center for the Family continues to thrive and reach our mission to equip and educate students, leaders, and influencers with resources and research that promote strong families and quality relationships.

Advisory Board Members

Helen Young, Founding Benefactor

Debby Benton

Ed and Paula Biggers

Pat and Shirley Boone

Tom and Sheila Bost

Dale and Rita Brown

Susan Giboney

Sam and Sara Jackson

Robert and Loretta Katch

Michael and Kimberly Okabayashi

Charlie and Chris Kerns 

Gary Oliver

Annette Oltmans

Cliff and Joyce Penner

Claudia Preston

Mary Alice Reed

Fred and Jenny Ricker

Geannie Holden-Sheller

Scott Stanley

Robert and Carol Wallace

Norman and Tess Wright

John and Leslie McKee 

For more information about the Boone Center for the Family Advisory Board please contact the Boone Center at or (310) 506-4771.