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MarriageStrong is a psychoeducational marriage group experience most often facilitated with four couples for 1.5 hours each week for 9 weeks — however, many groups adapt the structure to meet their individual needs.

Regardless of your background, the Boone Center training seminar on MarriageStrong will teach you to understand the dynamics of the information and how to apply it to a group setting. MarriageStrong material has been taught successfully by both professionals and lay leaders. Some facilitators are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists or Licensed Professional Counselors, while others are lay leaders who are competent in the material.

Many leaders co-facilitate with their spouse, which is encouraged.

MarriageStrong groups are designed to be educational, not therapeutic. The recommended group size — four couples — is ideal to allow couples time to interact and discuss the material. Prior to beginning group sessions, leaders attend a MarriageStrong training seminar.

Group leaders can then bring the program back home to cover the following topics:

  • Getting To Know Our "Us-ness"
  • Learning The Pain Cycle
  • Learning The Peace Cycle
  • Learning The Four Steps
  • Practicing Problem-Solving
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Recognizing Our Personality Differences
  • Using Our Spiritual Gifts
  • Dreaming About A New "Us"


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MarriageStrong benefits for your entire group:

  • New insights into your marriage, your spouse, and yourself
  • Healing and increased understanding in your most important relationship can contribute to healing and understanding in other important relationships
  • New intimacy and growth in your relationship can occur through greater understanding of your reaction patterns, fears, and your spouse's pain
  • A new sense of empowerment and freedom as to how you can affect change in your relationships and interactions
  • Exploration of similarities and differences in personality and spiritual gifting provides another rich avenue for deeper understanding and appreciation
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries through improved communication


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