Training Costs & What’s Included

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To ensure you're set up for success, every Boone Center program begins with a two-day on-boarding to provide you:

  • Training on the full program, with MarriageStrong training certification
  • Group walk-throughs of program presentations and discussions
  • Recommendations and best practices for bringing the program back home

The weekend training schedule is Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Each day includes two to three short breaks and a lunch. A light breakfast is provided each day of the training and is included in the cost of the training.

The one-time program cost, including two-day training seminar: $400 (a $50 discount is applied if spouse does not attend training seminar). This low program rate is made possible thanks to grants and donations, allowing the program to reach a wider audience. Most couples find attending the training seminar as a couple is worth the price of the program alone.


Bring MarriageStrong To Your Community

The MarriageStrong Leader's Manual guidance

There is no limit to the number of groups or number of times that group leaders can lead MarriageStrong following participation in a Boone Center training seminar.

The meetings over the course of 9 weeks focus on the following topics:

  • Discovering the truth about marriage and how the past affects current relationships
  • Identifying the heart of the conflict cycle and learning constructive ways to manage conflict
  • Learning about the boundaries as a couple that will guard against the burnout, unrealistic expectations, feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and loneliness that often exist in the ministry, leadership, and service
  • Embracing couple differences in personality characteristics and spiritual gifts and learning how to encourage each other in spiritual and emotional growth
  • Deciding as a couple to benefit their marriage through leadership and service
  • Learning about who they are together and the definition of "us-ness"


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