MarriageStrong Groups


MarriageStrong is a psycho-educational, marital small-group experience where 4 couples meet for 1.5 hours each week for 9 weeks.

Led by trained professionals, these groups offer insight into your communication patterns and skills to break free from problematic interactions. Sharing with other couples allows for an enhanced learning experience, in addition to mutual encouragement and support.

Groups at Pepperdine

We typically offer two Pepperdine groups beginning with the fall and spring semesters.  Groups run for 9 weeks and are offered in Malibu and/or West LA.  Check our calendar for current start dates.  

Cost is $50 per couple.

Program Overview

The meetings over the course of 9 weeks focus on the following topics:

  • Discovering the truth about marriage and how the past affects current relationships
  • Identifying the heart of the conflict cycle and learning constructive ways to manage conflict
  • Learning about the boundaries as a couple that will guard against the burnout, unrealistic expectations, feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and loneliness that often exist in the ministry, leadership, and service
  • Embracing couple differences in personality characteristics and spiritual gifts and learning how to encourage each other in spiritual and emotional growth
  • Deciding as a couple to benefit their marriage through leadership and service
  • Learning about who they are together and the definition of "us-ness"


"This group was truly one of the best, most helpful things we have done as a couple. We highly recommend this experience for committed couples at any stage in their relationship.  
From the start, the MarriageStrong group environment was extremely supportive and encouraging. We instantly felt comfortable to share, learn, and grow in our relationship with each other. It was great to discuss situations that have come up in our relationships side-by-side with people who could really relate to us." – Stephene and Tommy, MarriageStrong participants

"We've done quite a lot of work with marriages, but what is so unique about the MarriageStrong group, is that it gave us a short-hand tool to use in the midst of conflict, in the heat of the moment. We could actually come out the other side, not just resolving the conflict, but actually developing greater intimacy and understanding for each other.
That's why we couldn't stop telling our friends about it. We've been married now for eleven years and this is, by far, the most useful and most in-depth marriage curriculum we've experience and taught others." - Matthew and Melinda, MarriageStrong group leaders