Sharon HargraveMission

MarriageStrong is committed to helping couples develop valuable relationship skills that will not only help their marriages, but also dramatically change the way they interact with others in their families, friendships, places of work, and within the Body of Christ.


MarriageStrong began in August 2008 at Fuller Theological Seminary with the mission of helping seminary students prepare their marriages for a life of leadership and service. Committed to helping couples understand their own issues in dealing with conflict, personality differences, and spiritual gifting, the program is designed to enhance the marital relationship, effectiveness in leadership and service, and life satisfaction. These positive outcomes help guard against burn out, unrealistic expectations, and feelings of inadequacy and loneliness that often exist in leadership marriages.

Since August of 2008, the program has been implemented on other academic campuses, in overseas programs, and with multi-cultural focuses. MarriageStrong has grown beyond the seminary setting to now include churches, Christian organizations, and other leadership venues.