rIQ Costs & What’s Included


To ensure you're set up for success, every Boone Center program begins with a two-day onboarding to provide you:

  • Training on the full program
  • Group walk-throughs of program presentations and discussions
  • Recommendations and best practices for bringing the program back home
  • Examples of implementation on the Pepperdine campus

Relationship IQ Leader Training equips you with the approach and tools to lead life-changing conversations with young adults. Our two-day training occurs at Pepperdine in Malibu two to three times a year.

Thanks to grants and donations, the Relationship IQ Training is only $1250 for up to two people and the Relationship IQ Leadership Manual with all materials needed to run the program is $950.. The Boone Center for the Family will provide you with ongoing support and materials to ensure you have the resources to bring Relationship IQ to life. Scholarship applications available!

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Your program Leader's Manual includes the process chapters that lay the foundation of why this material is critical, how to interact with young adults, how to lead the material, and how to start a Relationship IQ program and run events. It also includes 36 weeks of small-group material on six relationship topics, and six single-session presentation (each with 85 minutes of teaching material).

All program material can be used in either small group discussion format or in large group presentations. The six-week small-group material is designed for groups of about four to 12 young adults. The single-session presentation curriculum can be used with an audience of any size.

To make single sessions best fit your group structure and needs, you choose how long the session will be and what sections of material to include. Each single session includes about 85 minutes worth of content. Present the sections that are most relevant and applicable to your group. Each section gives time estimates so that you can prepare the right length and material for your audience.

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