rIQ Convocation Events

Talking Relationally

September 15, 5:00pm

Speaker: rIQ Team

PLC 125

How do you say what you mean, build relationships, and be a trustworthy person at the same time? Come learn some practical communication skills that help you be the best version of yourself.

Behind the Smiles: Loneliness and Building Community

October 5, 5:00pm

Speaker: Bert and Sarah Ballard

PLC 125

How can we as a community learn to trust and share life with God and others? Come hear great ideas on how to build friendships, when to reach out, and how to develop a peaceful contentment with yourself.

Forgiveness Equal Trust?

November 3, 6:00pm

Speaker: Lauren Amaro

PLC 125

How are forgiveness and trust interconnected and how are they separate? Come hear insight into building relationship, healthy boundaries, letting go of resentment, and when it is safe to trust again.