rIQ Content Chapters


What we teach

There are six chapters, each contain 6-week small group lessons and a single-session presentation.

The lessons are easy to lead, very interactive, and highly relevant and applicable to young adults. 

Click through the chapter titles below for more information about the focus of each topic. 

Content Chapter Descriptions

Intentionally Friends

Stuck in shallow, non-supportive friendships? Bring out the best in your friends and become the friend you want to be. Bask in the delight of close friends.

Say What? Communication and Conflict

Sharpen your communication and conflict skills by learning how to say what you mean, tell yourself the truth, and listen well. Your relationships, your future spouse, children, and grandchildren will be blessed if you get his lesson right.

How to Date the Best

In a dating relationship you not only want to find the best person, you want to be the best person. Learn how to start, end, and be in a healthy romantic relationship. Feel confident and have more peace while you date!

Does God Want a Relationship with Me?

Did you know that you were created for relationship? God designed you for relationship with Him, wants you to know Him, and gives you your identity, value, and purpose. Discover a vibrant, joyful relationship with God that sets you free.

What About Sex?

God created sex and gave it to us as a good gift. Yet, why does it seem like a curse sometimes? Explore God's good gift of sexuality, how our brains respond to sexual activity, cohabitation, relational impacts of sex, managing sex drives, pornography, sexual addiction, and God's healing and redemption. Embrace the gift of your healthy sexuality.

Boundaries and Freedom: Drawing Healthy Lines in Relationships

Can you say yes and no to the right things? Do you know what is your responsibility and what belongs to someone else? Want to figure out how to enforce your boundaries? Utilize this lesson to help young adults identify their boundaries, know how to enforce boundaries, avoid boundary violations, and live a healthier life.

Additional chapters on relationship topics are being developed. The next two chapters scheduled for development are on relationship with family, and technology and relationships. Please tell us if there is a particular topic for which your young adults need resources.

rIQ Lessons

Are Faith and Research Based

All of the Relationship IQ content is based in scripture and sound psychological, sociological, and physiological research. This unique blend of faith and psychology is refreshing and approachable for young adults. Here is one young adult's comment:

"Learning how relationships work best in light of both God's truth and psychology has been incredibly beneficial in my own life and I have also been able to see the fruits in the lives of my friends and people who have attended rIQ programs. I love the way that God created us to be in relationship with Him and with others. Throughout the Bible God has given us examples of how relational intimacy works best, with Him and with others. Relationship IQ does a fabulous job of communicating the truths that are in the Bible and from psychological studies." – rIQ Intern, Pepperdine University.

All of what we teach comes back to the greatest two commandments - love God and love others (Matthew 22:37-40).

Address Difficult Issues

rIQ addresses some of the difficult relationship topics in our society currently and equips leaders to have these conversations with young adults. Some of the difficult topics we address include:

  • Cohabitation
  • Healthy dating relationships
  • Who you are as a sexual being
  • What to do with your sex drive
  • Why wait for sex?
  • Identity, value, and worth
  • Who is God and does He want me?
  • How to use technology to bless and not hurt relationships

Being equipped with tools and information on how to address these topics empowers leaders to engage with young adults around difficult issues and form authentic relationship out of those interactions.