Process Pages


Why and how we teach

The Process Chapters discuss why young adult years are critical for relational and spiritual development and help leaders utilize our unique approach to maximize effectiveness.

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What's in the Process Chapters

How We Interact

Come alongside.

It isn't about being cool, having all the right answers, or imparting our vast knowledge to them. It is about sharing what God is teaching you and learning together how to love God and each other. "I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you." - John 15:15b

We aren't simply imparting information—we are providing intentional space for transformation. We can't cause transformation; only God does that. We can, however, come alongside young adults and help create space for reflection, application, and intentionality. We don't lecture, preach, or rely only on group process—we teach in discussion and activities and experience.

We share life together, recognizing that we learn from those we serve.  We are servant leaders, asking God to work and speak through us.

How We Teach

Although what we teach is of ultimate importance, we believe that the process—how we teach about relationships—is just as important when working with young adults. In rIQ, we use a variety of methods to reach people with diverse learning styles.  There are discussions, vignettes, videos, scripture readings and re-tellings, role plays, and activities including working with play-dough, pipe-cleaners, collages, and cardboard castles. 

Relationship IQ presentations are interactive, relevant, and practical. These pieces are written into the rIQ curriculum in the Relationship IQ Leader's Manual.   The way young adults experience the material helps them not only remember the content, but also apply it to their lives in meaningful ways. This isn't just more head knowledge.  Young adults walk away from every session knowing at least one thing they want to do differently in a relationship. 

A large part of how effective the presentation will be is up the presenter. Relationship IQ Training enhances leaders' skills and ability to connect with young adults. Consider attending a training to experience and practice our engaging presentation style.