This the Season to be Stressed...


Along with decorating the Christmas tree, drinking hot coco, and watching Rudolph claymation movies, comes the exceeding amount of time of studying for finals. Better get out your mistletoe because it's time to kiss your sanity goodbye. Finals week is similar to the hibernation of bears: during the winter bears go off into a cave never to be seen again until spring, much like college students who go into the library to study to never been seen again until the start of the new semester. It is said that bears get angry and violent if you wake them up during hibernation, just like if you bother a student studying for finals.

Many of us find ourselves camped out in the Payson library complete with a make shift bed, coffee in a to-go cup, and snacks on snacks on snacks. Or maybe you hide away in your room away from any type of social interaction. Or maybe you're one of those students who don't care its finals and don't study and somehow STILL receive one of the highest grades on the exam. However you choose to study (or not to study) during finals, you should remember a few important things...

1) Eat and eat healthy. It maybe so easy to forget to eat because you're so busy studying, but it's good to eat and will help you study and concentrate better if you do. And when you do eat, eat healthy. It also maybe easy to get fast food or a breakfast bar or candy, but this won't help in the long run. Grab a celery and carrot cup in Nature's Edge, or a salad, or get your carbohydrates in with some pasta. Eating healthy makes a healthy body, which makes a healthy AND happy mind.

2) Take study breaks. What?! A break? Ain't nobody got time for that! But actually, it is good to take at least a five-minute break from all your hard work. Go get some water, talk to some friends, watch a YouTube video, (but don't watch too many). Taking a break will help keep you sane and in check from not getting too stressed.

3) SLEEP! Don't sleep the whole week of studying of course, but make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of a good night's rest. Studying right before you go to sleep actually helps you retain information better. So sleep, this will help prepare your mind to perform at its absolute best the day of your test.

4) Cut the caffeine. Might sound crazy, but caffeine does not help you study. Might keep you awake- sure; but it does not ultimately help with trying to stay focused. Caffeine can raise your adrenaline and in short cause hardships when trying to stay focused on your studying. Instead try drinking water, Gatorade/Powerade, or if you must have coffee, try decaf. It has enough caffeine to keep you awake but not enough to give you the jitters.

5) Breathe. Remember that no matter what, it will be okay. Don't stress, everything works out the way it's supposed to. Might not seem like it, but your health is much more important than grades.

Good luck and Happy Holidays! You will do fine. We promise.

-Your friends here at rIQ

Written by: Shaina Kohli, rIQ Intern 2012-2013, Pepperdine University class of 2013