Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

How did 4 years of Pepperdine go so fast? It seems like not too long ago we were being dropped off by our parents, unpacking our tiny freshman dorms, and going through the awkward process of getting to know our roommate.

We grew up too fast. We are seniors. We know about the secret tunnels (which may or may not exist...), we know all the abrevs for buildings, we know the short cuts through the CAC and the RAC, we knew a time where La Brea was just another seating area, Jamba Juice was Freshens, and Nature's Edge was the sandwich bar. We knew a time where the Hawc was janky and didn't serve hot fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream. We went through the awkward and interesting experience that is Frosh Follies. We have had the study abroad experience (or the staying here experience). We have had the adjusting to being an upperclassmen experience. Now we are going through the 'top of the food chain' experience.

We're almost outta here. I guess the knowledge that you are a senior automatically invokes every single person around you to plague you with questions about your prospective future. I have been asked so much that I wouldn't be surprised if the barista at Starbucks no longer asked for my name but instead asked "So what are you going to do after you graduate?"

Amidst of all the plaguing future questions, the grad school applications, and the senior thesis papers ... how do we make the most of our senior year?

Make time for friends. Be intentional with friends the last year of college by picking a few of them to share a meal once a week with. This will ensure that you get to see your friends at least once a week, every week. Everyone has to eat, why not eat together?

Go to Pepp events. You might not have been so enticed to go to Pepperdine events before but now is the perfect time to get really involved! After this year you might not get to attend Wave athletic games, Coffeehouse, PIT (Pepperdine Improv Troupe), or relationship IQ convos. Go enjoy them while you can!

Try new experiences. What a perfect time to experience and try something new. Get out of that comfort zone and partake in something you haven't before. Always wanted to participate in Coffeehouse? Well... DO IT! Want to try line-dancing? Grab some friends and go to Borderline. Want to participate in a half-time challenge at the basketball games? Well, what's holding you back? Do it!

Be a "blessing" to lower classmen. I know, I know, it is super tempting to taunt and tease the freshies and the rest of the lower classmen, but why not be someone they can look up to? Help them out and be there to guide them. You were in their shoes once- what do you wish you would have known as a lower classman?

Leave your mark. What do you want your legacy to be here at Pepperdine? What do you want people to say about who you are? You can make sure you leave the legacy you want around this beautiful campus.

Be present. You're not done yet, leave the worries behind and be present. Don't dwell on what the future holds, instead look at what the present... presents!

Don't check out just yet. Have the symptoms of Senioritis yet? Well take the antibiotic and fight Senioritis. You might be on your last year but there is so much more experience, live it up! Keep up with those grades and keep up with friends.

We might be almost done, but we still have a little time left being a current student. Until we can call ourselves alumnus, let's make the most of our senior year.

-From your friends here at rIQ

Written by: Shaina Kohli, rIQ Intern 2012, Pepperdine University class of 2013