Turkey Drop

The Thanksgiving Break-up

Tis the season for food, family, and failed relationships. Thanksgiving is a time where college students are thankful to leave campus to join their family or their girlfriend/boyfriend's family to feast on turkey and watch football. But it's not just the Detroit Lions who are dropping the ball this Thanksgiving break, college couples all across the nation are throwing in the towel and participating in the Turkey Drop. Did it happen to you?

The Turkey Drop refers to college freshmen that "drop" a relationship they aren't sure about over the Thanksgiving break. Usually the Turkey Drop consists of ending a relationship with their high school sweetheart. College is a time of self-discovery and growth, which might make it hard to maintain a relationship that started in high school. Even if you were the one who dropped, was dropped, or mutually dropped the relationship here are some tips to help you survive this festive break-up.

Evaluate your own relationship. Even though it seemed to work in high school it doesn't mean it has to work in college. Most Turkey Drops fall to the cause of being long distance. Long distance is hard, doesn't mean it can't thrive, it is just very difficult to maintain.A long distance relationship takes a lot trust and commitment. If you're still hanging in there, make sure you and your girlfriend/boyfriend communicate and are on the same page about where you want your relationship to go.The Turkey Drop can seem depressing, but keep a positive outlook. You're now newly single and that can bring some great opportunities. Opportunities to meet new people and to focus on personal growth. Think of it as a time to find out who you truly are, you might not know who you are without that relationship- time for discovery! Don't blame yourself for the break-up, some relationships aren't meant to be; it didn't work and that is okay.Surround yourself with a support system of friends and family. It's difficult to go through a break up but a lot easier if you have supportive friends that will help you out. They will help you move on from a Turkey Drop.

Don't be down about the Turkey Drop, it will be okay, it'll just take some time.

Happy Thanksgiving and on to Merry Christmas!

-From your friends here at rIQ

Written by: Shaina Kohli, rIQ Intern 2012-2013, Pepperdine University class of 2013