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Relationship IQ was developed for those providing direction and leadership for young adults whether within a ministry or academic institution. The program helps young adults navigate the complex personal relationships around them. Especially as friends play an increasing role as a second family, Relationship IQ helps young adults make healthy relationship decisions that benefit their second family, their real family and their spiritual family.

MarriageStrong was developed for couples engaged in or prepping for a life of leadership and service. The program provides proven relationship skills that not only helps marriages, but dramatically changes the way couples interact with others in their family, work and ministry. Using a group framework, leaders from within church, academic, and non-profit settings are trained and certified to facilitate the MarriageStrong program within their own community. This program is also available for individuals via our RelateStrong program.

Ministers Marriage Enrichment was developed specifically for ministry couples. The program helps ministry couples better prioritize and focus their relationship to make those relationships more solid and well-nourished the foundation needed for marriages and ministries that flourish. The program begins with a two-day retreat, but will live on through your marriage when you return home.